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Loopit is uniquely qualified to offer this course because we have extensive experience in the car subscription industry. Our team includes experts in areas such as automotive sales, marketing, and technology, all of whom have been instrumental in the development and growth of successful car subscription businesses.

In addition, we have conducted extensive research and analysis of the car subscription market, allowing us to identify key trends and best practices that are essential to success in this industry. We have also worked closely with a variety of automotive stakeholders, including dealerships, rental car companies, and car manufacturers, to understand the challenges and opportunities associated with building a car subscription business.

Finally, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and expertise with others, and are committed to providing a high-quality learning experience for all of our students. We believe that by offering this course, we can help empower automotive stakeholders to take advantage of the growing car subscription market and build successful, profitable businesses.


Michael Higgins


Jeremy Gupta


George Skentzos

Head of Marketing & CX
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